Why K2?

•  We provide a sophisticated end to end training solution for all roles with added "real life" perspectives that will take you to the next level of thinking as to how you will deal with 21 st Century challenges-a no nonsense approach that is highly interactive and comes from our own experiences

•  You will identify additional skills and tools that can make you a better performer and take with you practical ideas that you can immediately implement in your business

•  We drive individual development and always get delegates to change their behaviour in a positive way resulting in improved performance

•  You will develop the ability to influence and communicate with others

•  We have a consistent track record of delivering massive revenue growth quickly and providing significant ROI

•  You will learn how to become a better problem solver and decision maker

•  Our trainers have extensive experience of working within both the Middle East and the West and have a superb understanding of diverse cultures

•  We have delivered a range of excellent workshops with very high positive feedback from delegates

•  You will discover how you can prepare for and embrace the forces of change

Our Clients

"When K2 provided my business with expertise and advice it really made a difference. Above all, I trusted Thomas to tell me the truth. Even if it was not what i wanted to hear it was constructive, effective and meaningful. If ever I needed a sounding board for a knotty problem it was Thomas I rang first. He knows his stuff when it comes to Executive Search. Tom's other key attributes are a great sense of humour and amazing creativity. He is a good guy."
Nick Thompson CNA International

"K2 ran a very successful one day workshop using a combination of team games, processes and techniques to help me achieve my objective of the day. Tom is an engaging deliver of training and the workshop was extremely well received by the whole team and I would certainly recommend his services to anyone requiring more performance from themselves or their team."
Ian Parker-Marketing Director Mace

Tom is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is able to empathize with the trainees and then deliver a clear and concise message. He is a dynamic public speaker able to enthuse, motivate and entertain his audience.

K2 can organize, manage and present a highly professional and bespoke conference, tailored to match the audience's requirements.
Mike Jones-Recruitment Director-Logica plc

"From a number of different occasions I have been able to work with Tom. There was not a time during any of those occasion in which I was not impressed with his work ethics and performance. His professionalism was a key point. Tom is the kind of individual you want to work with or have work done by. His experience and knowledge make him a true professional in his industry."
Ethan Migliori Southeastern Applied Technology College

I attended one of K2's in-house training workshops and found it to be dynamic, engaging and worthwhile. Thomas is a very interactive trainer and gave thoughtful consideration to the structure and content of the course. I have to say that since doing the course I have had the best billing year ever! The numerous tips and anecdotes from Thomas's personal experience of recruitment made the course come alive and very enjoyable. I would recommend K2 to anyone looking for improvement in their recruitment skills.
Rob Lawton -Managing Director- Greenwell Gleeson

"Thomas is a truly unique individual whose personal warmth and charm combine very effectively with his considerable skills and experience as a recruitment and training expert. I have known Thomas for over 10 years working in the international telecoms industry and can vouch for his professionalism, integrity and breadth of knowledge and contacts. I highly recommend K2 to any organization looking to gain an edge in both the hiring and development of their staff." Phil Amend Semaphore Consulting

"As a USA executive, I needed help locating a national sales manager in Europe. The quality of the candidates that Thomas provided were world-class and we ended up hiring a person that he recommended. I highly endorse K2." John Knab Phonex Broadband

Thomas is a fantastic trainer, his courses are lively and enthusiastic. He gets the whole team to work together to all achieve the same end goals. I would highly recommend K2's courses to any organisation wanting to improve there skills.James Morris - Concero UK Ltd